Bill of racing

Bill of racing

A grant of 3 millions dollars every 3 years paid by DC this grant will be supervised by DC.
With these monies the good horsemen only will be taking care of the horses and not racing horses on drugs or malnutrition. They will have to show DC what they do with the money and they will be a tight control of it so the horses get a better life a better performance with no abuses. Every horseman who abused any horses will be going to prison.
Every horseman who will send the horses to slaughter will have the death penalty on the table.
They will be a program for elderly horses or handicapped horses attached to this grant so the horses can go to retiring home paid by an another grant of DC.

Also they will be an another program for the handicapped children who can spent some time with old horses or injured and handicapped horses paid by a different grant.

No more drugs for the horses such as heroine diluted heroine and cocaine if caught they will go to federal prison for a long time.

Reopening of race tracks such as Boston, New Hampshire all year around etc.

The racing industry should be owned and managed by the Government.

Better management and increase of the purses. The purses should be more higher in every state.
No more illegal gambling
No more fixing the races
The race track stay clean and not polluted.
Better for the horses