Health care

Socialized medicine

I grow up on this system and as a US Senator I want to bring to my fellow Americans the French health system which combines universal coverage with a public / private mix of hospital, ambulatory care and a higher volume of service provision than in the United States. Although the system is far from perfect, it’s indicators of health status, and consumer satisfaction are high. It’s expenditure as a share of gross domestic product are far lower than in the United States, and patients have an extraordinary degree of choice among providers. Like medicare in the United States the French national health insurance provides a great degree of patient choice.

All national health insurance covers services ranging from hospitalcare,outpatient service, prescription drugs including homeopathic products, thermal cure in spas, nurseries, home care, cash benefits and to a lesser extentdental and vision care. An example of France a mutuel le the top of the line plan which people sign for a cost of about 50 euros a month, equivalent of 68 dollars a month, by contrast in USA you will pay a minimum of $350 dollars a month with an additional copay for each doctor appointment. Obamacare is too expensive for the American people. The working class. We need to do better, the French health care system is one of the universal health care largely financed by government national health insurance a better system for the health of the American people.

The organisation of health care in France is typically presented as being rooted in principles of liberalism and pluralism. Liberation is correctly
invoked as in depicting the medical professions attachment to cost sharing and selected elements of la Medicine liberal private practice selection of the physicians by the patient freedom for the physicians to Practice whatever they choose.
Freedom for all.
The health care for all.
For better.